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Wayne Derrick Set to Direct ‘Heroes Behind The Badge’ Documentary

Wayne Derrick joins Heroes Behind the Badge as the film’s director. A two-time BAFTA (British Academy Award) winner, Derrick has been directing documentaries around the world for nearly 30 years for the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC), the Discovery Channel, and the National Geographic channel among other networks and studies.

The NLEOMF Greenlights ‘Heroes Behind The Badge’ Film

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund in Washington, D.C. partners with Modern City Entertainment to produce Behind The Badge. The documentary will feature the stories of three offices who were caught in the line of fire and survived, and will highlight the lives of four officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. The film will […]


Modern City Entertainment is a new, market-driven entertainment company that seeks to take advantage of the many recent advances in the world of independent film and television in the efforts to create low cost, high quality entertainment for large target audiences.

The company is comprised of an innovative, aggressive, entrepreneurial group of industry professionals brought together to capitalize on the opportunities in the burgeoning independent film industry and today’s ever changing television medium.  Advances in technology, an insatiable appetite for new product by audiences of all demographics , and rapidly expanding distribution channels has made the independent film niche one of the fastest growing industries in the world, while television programming continues its own evolution with delivery on the web and on-demand.

At no other time in history has the market been as primed for a forward-thinking entertainment company as it is today.  Modern City Entertainment- The Future of Independent Film and Television is here.


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