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Darkside Miami Pilot to air on LMN Network Wednesday May 4th, 2016 @11pm!

Miami is one of the sexiest places in the world, but look behind the bright lights, and you’ll find a much darker reality. Disturbing crimes are being committed in the name of occult religions, and one dedicated detective and his team are banding together to solve these mystifying cases. From retired Miami Dade Lieutenant and Executive Producer Bill Erfurth comes a chilling new crime drama that is inspired by true stories and based on actual events. You won’t believe what you’ll find on the Darkside of Miami…

Executive Producer Bill Erfurth, invites you to tune in to watch our brand new TV Pilot: DARKSIDE MIAMI, airing Wednesday, May 4th at 11pm on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network, a division of A&E). Please check you local listings to confirm local air time. Please either tune in or set your DVR!

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Darkside Miami