Modern City Entertainment

VP of Development

Christian Ramirez

Christian Ramirez began his film career at a young age working for Miami-based Greenwich Studios and in the production departments on various feature films for Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros.In 2001, after attending film school at Florida State University, Mr. Ramirez looked to the world of publishing as a great place to further develop his skills as a writer. He would soon begin his career working as a contributing writer for Niche Media’s ‘Ocean Drive Magazine,’ a Miami-based luxury lifestyle print publication.

In 2003, Mr. Ramirez penned his first screenplay entitled, ‘Model Citizen,’ which was optioned by two-time Academy Award winning producer Albert S. Ruddy (‘The Godfather,’ ‘Million Dollar Baby’). At the same time, Mr. Ramirez also wrote, produced, and directed a short film entitled ‘The Glass Agent Chronicles,’ a story he is currently expanding into a full-length feature film.

In 2007, Mr. Ramirez became the Editor-in-Chief for Command Media Group’s ‘DF Magazine,’ a luxury travel publication with a focus on angling. Currently, Mr. Ramirez works as the Senior Editor for a niche publishing company that specializes in writing coffee-table style books that chronicle the histories of major multinational corporations throughout the world.